Saturday, September 29, 2012

Won't Back Down

Friday night my kid's school was given out free ticket for the movie "Won't back down". So we figure we would check it out because the bonus was volunteer hours for going! The movie was about a mom who daughter was not getting the support she needed in a inner city school, the teacher were just there to collect a pay check and did not care about the student. The mom went to the school board and found out that the parents could take over the school ( like a charter type school) and run it broken away from the district. So she has the job of recurite the parents and the teachers to join. In the end she of course secedes and they have their school.

From taking this class I was able to notice the camera angles, allot of handi-type cams and also some shots for a surreal type of image. I thought the acting was good, overall all the movie was good as a "screen play" but the message in the beginning was that it was based on real situation. In reading on the internet, no one really can figure out if this was based on a school in DC from the experiences from Michelle Rhee or a school in LA. Also the ending was left you hanging on what the success of the school was other then a shot of a assembly in the newly founded school.

If you can see it for free, great if not.... maybe wait.

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