Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shane and Unforgiven

Professor Hammond showed a movie titled "Unforgiven" starring Clint Eastwood.  It was a modern day western movie.  There was alot of action and violent fight scenes. The scene with the cutting of the "lady of the evening's " face was disturbing.  I did admire the women standing up for one another.  Life in those days was extremely hard for any woman.
That is the difference between the film "Shane" starring Alan Ladd.  Even though the movie Shane had rough and tumble action, the violence was much less. I thoroughly enjoyed the use of light and shadow in the film Shane.  Let's be honest the acting was at a lower level than in Unforgiven.   The movie Shane showed family values from that era compared to Unforgiven where as Clint Eastwood left his children all alone on the homestead for days.  In contrast, in Shane the neighbors rallied to stand together against all odds.
In Unforgiven, the relationship between Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman showed what friendship means. In Shane, showed the loyalty between Shane and Mr. an employer to a traveling man.

I enjoyed both films and would view them again.

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