Tuesday, September 11, 2012

13 Assasains

I don't mind subtitled movies usually, but because this was also an action movie with what felt like the longest fight scene EVER, I got bored. It was also hard to keep up with the subtitles because I was trying to watch and understand what was going on. Aside from that, I did think the editing was very well done and I liked that it was almost hard to tell when the scenes were cut. I think I only noticed one or two because I was looking for it based on last week's class.

I found the lighting a little dark on the movie, but I felt it was appropriate for what we were watching. Especially considering that in that time period they would pretty much only have had natural lighting and some candle lanterns at most.

Overall, I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if it was a genre I would usually be into, but I didn't hate it :-)

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  1. Another post made the point of the light changing as the film progressed. This is very typical of the way a director and a cinematographer will map out the physical and emotional terrain of a story.