Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Black Narcissus - Reminded Me of an All Time Fave

Black Narcissus was an interesting movie and I really noticed the shots that were talked about last week in class such as ExCU, CU, and MS. As soon as I saw the nuns in the movie, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up and I still love it today. It's so tough to remember when being put on the spot like in the first class when we were asked what our favorite movie is. The Trouble with Angels is a 1966 film starring Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell. Hayley Mills was one of my favorite actresses growing up although the movies I love her in were made many years before I was born. I must have watched The Parent  Trap and Pollyanna hundreds of times as a kid and adult. I thought I would share a youtube video of the funniest clips from The Trouble with Angels.

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