Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black Narcissus

I thought Black Narcissus was a wonderful dramatic film.  The colors and displays of light and shadow and closeups were magnificent.   The cinematography enriched the film with the vivid colors of fauna and flora of the landscape.The use of camera closeups and shots helped create the dramatic efforts needed to reveal the storyline.  For younger persons watching this film probably would consider it boring. 
It would help in understanding the film to have knowledge of nuns and their order so one can relate to the storyline of their calling.
I was surprised to see a very young Jean Simmons playing the character of a native girl. Did you notice she had no speaking part?  Also Sabu (from Jungle Book) was the character of the Little General.
Deborah Kerr(Sister Superior) has always been a very dramatic actress. She exudes a calm demeanor in times of strife throughout the film.
I found it amusing the way "Black Narcissus"was introduced from the classroom setting by the "Little General."
Interestingly enough the makeup use on "Sister Ruth" throughout caught my eye to the orange/red color undereyeliner and the increase of color from closeup scene of her eyes as the mental instability increased!
I also listened to the commentary's afterwards and through Martin Scorcese was surprised to learn the film was NOT done on location, but majority on sets in England!  Surprise!

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