Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Narcissus; I Walked With A Zombie

     I actually enjoyed this movie, it was a bit slow at the start, but when it picked up and the nun went off the deep end, it kept me interested. One thing I noticed time and time again was the use of close ups in the movie, more specifically when the camera would show Sister Ruth's crazy eyes and expressions. It definitely creeped me out a bit. The landscape scenes were well done too, given what they had to produce the movie.
     At first I was not happy about having to watch a movie about zombies, because I absolutely hate zombies, though after reading a synopsis of the movie and actually watching it (and realizing there are no actual 'scary zombies') I thought the movie was good. It kept my interest and left me guessing what was going to happen. The ending threw me for a loop, I didn't think two people would die, I guess I assumed they'd cure Jessica and everyone would live happily ever after. I was way off. Overall I liked the use of the camera and just moving it slightly to look like a new landscape or background.

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