Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Narcissus

Although the ending of this movie was not great, I did appreciate the irony of the final scene with the rain. Throughout the movie I assumed that the superior nun would end up quitting to be with Dean, so it was a little disappointing when she left to go somewhere else. I loved the sets and costumes, and I think they did a great job considering how old the movie is.  The lighting in the final scenes really added to the drama. After reading Chapter two in the textbook, i definitely paid more attention to the groupings and placement of characters in all of the scenes.

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  1. After reading chapter two I also looked for placement in the movie. I thought it was very interesting because I never really noticed that sort of thing until after the reading. I noticed the nuns were always grouped in a certain way which I thought showed the division between the nuns and the rest of the characters.