Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Narcissus---

I can't say I enjoyed this movie very much, but I was able to appreciate the vibrant colors and the scenery. It was dated but never the less pleasing to the eye. I noticed the use of light in every scene. Specifically sister Ruth scenes tended to be lower light and shadowy, most likely because she is mentally unstable and dangerous. The most exciting scene for me was the tower scene, but it also annoyed me. It is once again an exaggerated portrayal of mental illness, and the deranged character ends up falling to her death. It was disappointing.


  1. I agree with the comment on the vibrant colors. I noticed them especially in the end when she was applying the red lipstick. It was almost as if she was allowing the evil or rebellious side to come out. The tower scene was exciting but almost predictable which also left me disappointed.

  2. Luis Bunuel and his producer used to have a drinking game where they would predict the scenes and endings of films as they watched them. By now, most people have seen so much visual storytelling that it is difficult to find anything that one has not seen before. The problem is how to ignore it and still enjoy the movie.