Saturday, September 8, 2012

Batman, the Dark Knight

This series of Batman films takes you into the dark side of the comic.   It gets you away from the holywood mainstream crap thats out there.


  1. Watching the Dark Night is like staring into a calm lake on a full moon and seeing yours and the moons reflection gazing back at you. Flawless.

  2. I've viewed all three Dark Knights, and yes, I'd have to agree with Cassel. Still, the third fell very close to that hollywood mainstream in my opinion, but I'm not without reason. When you examine the two Dark Knight movies prior, you see a very well captured, situational, Batman. During the third, I feel they emphasized his age a little too much, and forfeited that situational batman style. I mean, this is BATMAN we're talking about, the gadgets aren't everything, he should've been out of that hole in no time.

  3. I saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and I thought it was pretty good. While I do agree with Mike, I found myself going online to try and figure out some of the back stories.