Sunday, September 23, 2012


Is it just me, or are movies that are filmed primarily in POV annoying?  I think that certain movies like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project could have been better if they were just filmed differently.  With that in mind has anyone seen End of Watch yet?  From the trailers it seems like an interesting movie, but the clips that I've seen have been filmed in POV which is what is holding me back from going to see it.


  1. I agree, but I thought the Paranormal Activity movies were pretty freaking scary

  2. I recently read somewhere that some of that shaking camera business in "End of Watch" stops after the first fifteen minutes. I'm not a fan either. The Bourne movies use this shaking POV and I find it lazy. I think there are better ways to create tension and chaos in a movie than trying to give people a seizure.

  3. I saw the Paranormal series and agree, scared the **** out of me. I think I would have just enjoyed it more filmed differently.