Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pride of the Yankees

Still of Gary Cooper and Babe Ruth in The Pride of the YankeesStill of Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright in The Pride of the YankeesThis is a film from 1942 which I really liked for many reasons, even though I am not a Yankee fan but a Met fan..LOL. It is the story of Lou Gehrig who was a famous baseball player because he was a great player who played in 2130 consective games and also because he contracted a terrible disease that was named after him. He died at age 37 from it. As a nurse I have dealt with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease and it is just a scary, horrible thing to succumb to. I had a patient that was very young like Lou that I took care of early in my career that I learned a lot from and that shaped the rest of my nursing career.

Anyway the film was very interesting because many people portrayed themselves including Babe Ruth. I think people that do not even watch baseball would enjoy the film because it has the right balance of his personal life and baseball life and includes his extemely moving speech at the end instead of a death scene. Even I cried!! ALS is not that old of a disease since he was the first and it must have been so scary for him to know that yet he handled it so well.

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  1. I cried too. One of the great endings in film. Thanks for sharing part of your story with us.