Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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  1. Creepy Sister Ruth! I think Sister Ruth is the best tension builder in “Black Narcissus.” With every close-up of her face, I knew trouble was coming. I loved the close-up that revealed her new, red-rimmed eyes after her nervous breakdown at Mr. Dean’s house. The director used a lot of close-ups for dramatic effect in this movie. My favorites were when Mr. Dean tells Sister Ruth (at his house right before her break down) that he “doesn’t love anybody!” and then again at the end of the movie when he looks after Sister Clodagh when she is leaving the country on a pony—he loves her. First, we see that he believes that he cannot love anyone, but at the end he realizes that he does. Powerful duality. The two close-up shots on Mr. Dean are very similar—distance and angle. Pretty cool movie.