Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

To be honest I did not enjoy this film very much. It was difficult for me to stay awake but I managed to do so. I have only seen one type of silent film before and it was a Charlie Chaplin film. As you know his films are fast paced and humorous. I do not mind silent films like Charlie Chaplin's but I struggled with the slow pace of this film. In the beginning I found myself getting confused on the names of the characters since you had to read to know who was who. The music was very repetitive which could be what caused me to feel tired. The idea of Dr. Caligari and his somnabulist Cesare reminded me of Frankenstein. Although I had quite a few criticisms of this film I can still recognize and respect that this was made in 1920, almost a hundred years ago. One thing I did find particularly interesting was the twist at the end.  I did not expect the entire story to be a fantasy that Francis was imagining.  I think that if this movie was remade in modern day then it could be very entertaining. That being said, they did do a good job at setting the mood with the lighting and music. It gave you the feel that it was a mystery that needed to be solved.

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