Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle

I remember seeing Kung Fu Hustle years ago and not being very entertained by it. I was more into mind-numbing horror films, and reading subtitles seemed too tedious. Thankfully, this viewing I absolutely loved it. I never realized the amount of effort put into the choreography, even though it is very over-the-top.  On the subject of mise en scene, I found it very interesting that nearly everything in the set during fighting sequences was utilized in some way or another. It’s pretty evident that the creators were intent on utilizing everything. I have a feeling that had to do with budget constraints (it was a $20-million film), but either way it was something I haven’t seen too often before. I also have yet to see many action-comedies that are actually funny while being engaging and intense. Kung Fu Hustle succeeded in drawing out laughs during fighting without becoming slapstick. I wonder if Shaolin Soccer is as good as Kung Fu Hustle. Might have to check it out.  

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  1. Hilarious and captivating, this film took Kung Fu to a new level. Completely leaving the laws of physics in the dust, Kung Fu Hustle opened its doors to non stop action that could only be possible on the moon. Gravity aside, the acting and combat scenes in this movie made for quite the great comedy. One of my favorite Kung Fu flicks, Kung Fu Hustle is a win. 8/10