Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Walked With a Zombie

The most impressive part about I Walked With a Zombie was the way both the house and its inhabitants and native lands worked off each other. Here we have a world of supposed civility and morals, while right outside there is the primal land of the natives. Having this really showed how the “civilized” house was really far from it: a woman has been put into a comatose state on purpose, a man wishes to commit infidelity on his zoned-out wife, and a man has become a major drunk after committing infidelity with said zombie-sister-in-law. The dichotomy between both of these worlds made me think about the true nature of humans. This being that how on the surface, people and civilizations may seem classy and without fault, but when stripped away of their facades are shown to be no different than those whom they shun for being “inhuman.” I would have liked to have been left with less ambiguity at the end of the film though. We are given much to take in and analyze, but are given no clear answer. Perhaps the point of the film was less about answers as it was about questions, such as I was talking about prior with being civilized.

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