Sunday, December 9, 2012


Adaptation has to be the most meta-influenced film I have ever seen. The entire film is centered around a nonfiction book that needs to be adapted into a screenplay. Kaufman takes this idea of adaptation to the extreme and creates a film that embodies the idea of turning text into film. The film is constantly writing and rewriting itself as Kaufamn encounters and discovers the "true" Susan Orlean. After a while, the "real" world and the fictive one become so entangled with one another that it seems to mirror the absurdity of trying to justly translate one medium into another. The mixture of the literal idea of biological adaptation to that of screenplay adaptation was very interesting, even if not fully fleshed out. Then again, having a clear meaning would ruin the point of the film. Still, Adaptation was funny, surprising, and always a bit confusing (but in a good way).

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