Sunday, December 9, 2012

Duck Soup

Duck Soup was a great movie. It must have been revolutionary for a movie of its time, considering it was produced in 1933! It is funny how the jokes they used back then are still funny today. This movie reminded me a lot of the three stooges sort of humor. This movie was written during the events leading to World War 2, so it was interesting that they included a war at the end of the movie. It is interesting to see how much movies have changed over time, but yet in some ways have stayed the same. If this movie was made in color, I would have a hard time telling it apart from some of today's movies. My favorite character in this movie was the main character Firefly. I wish that this movie lasted more than  an hour, but i guess that was probably an average running time for a movie back in the 1930's!


  1. Duck Soup initially entranced me with its quirky humor, but only at first. I found, as the movie proceeded, that it slowed to an achingly painful sludge of a film. The characters lacked depth as a whole, and the execution of the roles left something to be desired. As far as the plot goes, it was rather dry and unoriginal; however, certain twists did peak my imagination. I would rate this movie a 4/10

  2. I've always had issues comparing older movies to newer movies, especially comedies. Humor types change over time, and though some aspects of the film were funny, other aspects were hard to understand or simply boring. I have no idea how funny this movie may have been in 1933, but I'm sure I would have enjoyed it much more. Still, I can't say it was necessarily BAD.