Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True Grit

True Grit was one of the only western movies I actually enjoyed.  The charaters were strongly developed.  I enjoyed watching the relationships form between the young girl and the two men she travelled with.  They were all three very stubborn characters and argued often throughout the journey to find her father's murderer.  I found myself even getting excited during the scene where Rooster charges the 4 men with a gun in each of his hands towards the end.  This movie was very well-made which grabbed my attention. My favorite part of the movie was at the end when Rooster and LaBoeuf form an unexpected alliance, working together to save the girl and finally catch Chaney. I was actually somewhat sad at the end when Mattie did not get a chance to say goodbye to either Rooster or Chaney after the journey. Besides the plot, I did notice many shots and lighting techniques that we have learned from class.  For example: when they are riding the horse at the end to find a doctor for Mattie.  They show the silhouette of the horse running along the open dessert.  This was extreme long shot with a backlight and wide frame.  I also noticed the many close ups and angles from below looking up. This is not a movie I would have chosen to watch on my own time so I am glad it was assigned.  It allowed me to explore a new genre of movies that I normally wouldnt venture to try.
Below I have attached some pictures of scenes in the movie where I noticed terms we learned in class:

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