Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Black Narcissus

      First and foremost, the location of this film plays a crucial role. The Black Narcissus, which was filmed back in 1947, took place in a new Anglican institution located in the Himalayas. Sister Clodagh's task to supervise this institution was precarious to say the least, for she, a long with the other nuns, are unfamiliar with the institution's people and surroundings. As expected by most viewers, the institution has its fair share of abnormalities. 
        The nuns' isolation in such a remote area leads to their psychological downfall, that is the conflict between their passion and moral obligation. For example, while the nuns feel obligated to follow their duties from the Dean, his appealing looks and masculine personalty prove too distracting. This movie  essentially captures an issue that many disciplined occupations struggle with to this day. Other conflicts and factors caused them to stray away from their duties as well. 

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