Tuesday, November 29, 2011

V for vendetta

This movie is one of, if not my favorite movie of all time. It is movies like this that are the reason every movie I watch, I truly watch with undivided attention. Some people watch movies purely for entertainment, but early in my life I learned that they can be much more then that. Movies can teach us things about society, ideas, and even ourselves. Whenever I watch a movie I look for 3 things: a good cast, good ideas, and a good plot. in order for me to truly consider it a good movie it must have all 3. This does not mean that these are the only types of movies that I enjoy, but it does mean that I won't truly appreciate it as a work of art unless all 3 are present--This is why I liked v for vendetta so much; All 3 things were so obviously present that every time I watch it (which is frequently) I am completely engaged in it even though I know what is coming next. A films ability to completely engage it's audience even though they know what happens is in my opinion what defines a great film.

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  1. I think V for Vendetta was a great film. i feel the cinematography was great as it capture the true essence of each character. I watched this film when I was younger and watched it again only to realize there was so much i wasn't aware of in the film. I enjoy the fact that it is based in London (as that where I'm from). The phrase 'remember remember the 5t of November' is a commonly known phrase in England and I don't think the film thoroughly explained what it symbolizes. The story line is interesting and upbeat, there are many twists in the story as the character relationship unfolds. The drama is of a high pace and is always moving. I love the soundtrack to the film as i feel it really captures the intensity of the acting as well as the lighting. There is a constant darkening to the scenes to reflect evil which i feel is so cleverly done.