Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I had previously seen V for Vendetta a few times before we watched it in class. The first time i watched it was with my mother and she had read the novel it was based on. I live in Britain, i was born in 1990 so i missed thatchers conservative government of the 80's that this was in response too. I remember both my parents had such disdain for that government and both enjoyed the film. As mentioned in class you have got to be impressed by the acting behind the mask, the movements and gestures mimic the voice recording perfectly. I am curious how many takes it took to get some of those scenes perfect?

The film is culturally relevant right now, at a time in our lives where there is a lot of social movement and attempts to facilitate a lot of social change. V for Vendetta will have been have very poignant film for anyone who was involved in the XL protest or Occupy Movements.

To finish i just think V is a tremendous film and i am glad we got to watch it.

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