Monday, November 21, 2011

V for Vendetta

I really enjoyed watching the film V for Vendetta and I thought the timing of the showing was perfect. We are in the midst of the Occupy movement and many of us just participated in the Keystone XL Pipeline protest in D.C.. The themes that I took away from the film were anarchy, revolution, social justice, and corrupt politics. At the end of the film, thousands of people rush the town wearing V masks. All the people had different stories and reasons for wanting to stand up to the government, but they all came together nonetheless. This reminded me of the Occupy movements. When I attended the movement in Savannah some people were actually wearing the V masks. I thought it was interesting how V was meant to represent everyone in the story, and even everyone in general. The character development of Natalie Portman's character was also extremely powerful and helped kept the story intriguing. I really enjoyed the underlying message of V for Vendetta and think we saw it at the perfect time in our generation's effort to stick up for ourselves above our government and fight for change.

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