Tuesday, November 15, 2011

further horror recommendations

Yeah, it's a little past Halloween but I saw a few of you posting about "scary movies". I would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Dario Argento's "Suspiria". Visually, it's one of the most distinct films in the horror genre I've ever seen (possibly in any genre). The score is by a band called Goblin (is there a more perfect name?) and is simply unlike anything I've ever heard in a film.

There's also some other gems out there that are just outright creepy and/or disturbing that don't have to resort to cheap torture scenes like the Saw, Final Destination, or Hostel series. Try the original "Last House on the Left" (Ada Washington as the chicken lady!). Lucio Fulci's "Zombi" has a classic underwater scene where a zombie battles a shark for crying out loud!

For some campy fun and amazing makeup and special effects done on a shoestring budget I'd highly recommend the original Evil Dead. There are a million and one "special editions" as it has gained quite a cult following over the years.

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