Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Thoughts on V for Vendetta

I truly enjoyed watching V for Vendetta a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, I had not seen that movie since it first came out on DVD. I have to say, it was definitely a different experience seeing it again now that I am older. It's hard to believe how much a person can change and mature in just the course of a few years. I felt that I could relate to the movie easier this time, because I have become a lot more knowledgeable of government and politics over the past few years. I also felt that the timing of this particular viewing couldn't have been at a better time: the day before I had heard for the first time about the government potentially passing that bill that would give them the ability to censor anything on the Internet. Let's just hope that the U.S. doesn't become like what it was in England in V for Vendetta!

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