Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All About Eve's Obsession with Margo

Wow All About Eve. Where to start.....Eve is creepy to say the least. I know that there are a lot of genuinely kind people in this world but some of them just cannot be trusted, Eve is one of them. Eve is slowly stealing Margo's life. Eve causes the downward spiral of Margo's self confidence and it slowly drives her crazy, she gives up on life and doesnt trust people. Overall Eve is just plain obsessed with Margo and he life. Margo's life is just slowly slipping about and falling into Eve's lap. Oh and I recently saw Good Will Hunting and I highly suggest it for anyone who liked the film Saving Private Ryan or Erin Brockovitch :)

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  1. I thought that Eve's obsession with Margo was more of a power play than an actual obsession. Eve simple used manipulation to control the people around her in order to get what she wanted, which was her actual obsession with being an actress. I also think that Eve was kind of good for Margo because it humbled her, by making her realize that her career is not the only thing that is important in life.