Wednesday, October 5, 2011

13 Assassins' Movement

First of all, before watching this movie, for some reason, I had conceived the notion that 13 Assassins was not going to be entertaining. I thought it was going to be another martial art movie with the same old story. But once the action started picking up, I found myself exclaiming to my roommate: "Holy ?#@% ! This is really good!" But, relating back to the theme of movement, any time a samurai would unsheathe his sword, there were excellent camera shots that added to the more detailed movement that really would hit an audience hard and connect them deeper to the characters or the story; specifically the opening suicide scene. With a close up shot of the man, never revealing any knife or blood, the slightest movement of his shoulders or body made me wince. The close up amplified the brutality, even though most of the action was not visible. To make me wince, only showing the bare minimum of a suicide, is quite a skill possessed by the director. The way that the camera showed some details and hid the others throughout the movie would cause any slight sword motion to make anyone in the audience say "Holy ?#@% !"

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