Monday, March 31, 2014


Backlit, a lot of silhouette. The darkness of this film was sometimes distracting.
Opinion Note: There were no truly likeable characters. The 17 year old seemed the only one with any sense of what it is to be "real." Everyone else seems narcissistically self-absorbed.
I do not think the lighting had the intended effect, unless it was to confuse. Nothing but the shadows seemed "true." If that was the point, it was brilliant. The exploration of middle age crisis was interesting, but in portrayal so vapid at times I found it very distracting.

I found myself thinking about how hard Allen was trying to be clever. I suppose we all think of ourselves as "clever." This film lacked "kindness." A cold homage to Ingmar Bergman in the lighting, yet another element of "clever, but emotionally cold."


  1. I know where Delta gets it theme song from now.

  2. I had not seen this movie in a long time. The views of NYC were great. Especially the scene where they sat outside overnight and watched the sun come up over the Brooklyn bridge. I did not care of Woody Allen dating the young girl. I am glad she left him and went to Europe.