Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Narcissus - 1947

This film won well-deserved Academy Awards for Production Design (Alfred Junge) and Cinematography (Jack Cardiff).


  1. The cinematography was ama-zing. The focus on eyes was quite interesting.
    It was the eyes that spoke volumes in several scenes. The color process enhanced this effect to a remarkable degree. I had never seen this film before, and i loved it.
    I bet some would find the ending a disappointment. Not I. I thought it perfectly fit the story.

  2. It is chilling seeing a nun be evil.

  3. I think that this film brought out the humanity of being a nun. To often we are given a view of nuns that appear to lack feeling and come off being distant. Beyond the nuns, I found that the film had told a story about the struggles of what people must deal with when cut off from civilization and one is left to the elements. Overall, I found the film was interesting but not something I would want watch twice.