Tuesday, March 25, 2014

King Kong

I agree with the Professor; King Kong is a film that grabbed my imagination at a very early age. The dinosaurs were such an innovative addition that along with the giant ape the film served to overwhelm the audience.
Was it just me, or were there some elements of a subtext of a racist nature here? The white girl being pawed by the giant "black man" seemed a metaphor for racial tensions and sexual-based fear.


  1. This was and remain a great film. I think that the film displayed some of the social fears that were present during the creation of this film as Bob pointed out. Their was a sense of protectionism and whitewashing going on. Yet, I believe this was typical to some degree in most films if you look beyond the characters and focus on society during films of this period.

  2. Not sure I saw this movie as a kid. Looking at it today made me laugh a little just because how primative the dinosaurs and ape looked. Glad I saw it as it is a classic.