Monday, April 7, 2014

West Side Story

2 hours and 33 minutes, 47 seconds. Not that I was counting.
I liked the blurring of background to focus attention, the lighting was amazing. The choreography was technically beautiful. The constant dancing and behavior of the gang members stretched any hope of plausibility beyond the snapping zone. This was a Broadway version of gangs, and I believe the screenplay was more about Shakespeare than street life. A highly romanticized view.
This was your basic Romeo and Juliet film, story wise.
It was interesting how through camera shots and music I got a feel for the characters...Dialogue was secondary.
Beautifully shot. Looked like a lot of dolly-shots and crane use.


  1. Natalie Wood as Maria? I know she was a popular actress at the time, but I think this is another example of Hollywood whitewashing.

  2. Melanie, I agree that whitewashing was a common practice of the time in Cinema and that Maria could have been played by a latina. If the movie was made today I would think Jennifer Lopez would fit the role.

    Aside from the Characters, I really liked how the director utilized various camera shots to bring dramatics to the film. Especially, those camera shots taken during fight scenes. It gave some realism to fights for what appeared acceptable in cinema during the 1950'2 and 60's.

  3. I like the brilliant color in this movie