Sunday, August 26, 2012

Me and Oreson Welles

I've never seen Me and Oreson Welles before and I really did end up enjoying the movie.  I haven't seen many plays before, and the only plays that I've seen in the past were small budget plays during at high school. It was interesting to see the amount of work and effort that it takes to put a play together.  My favorite character in the movie was Oreson Welles.  He had my attention at the beginning when he first left in a ambulance to get through the city faster and really enjoyed see how his character's attitude reacted through the various scenarios.


  1. I enjoyed the movie as well. I thought Orson was a jerk just as the the character in Citizen Kane. He wanted everything to be perfect just as Mr Kane. His performance was engaging but I don't think I could ever work with anyone like him because you don't have to be disrepectful to get the best out of your actors.

  2. I agree with you Chad, Oerson Wells probably was my favorite character but I like how the kid Richard flipped it on him by saying "it was the bad luck thing" when he set the sprinkler system off. That was pretty slick because I was thinking he would cave and tell on himself.