Monday, August 27, 2012

I did take American Cinema with Dr. Maxwell Courson a few semesters ago and we watched Citizen Kane.  I do agree that there were many elements that you don't catch in the first go around that you get in the 2nd one.  I did find alot of humor and funny lines the second time and the first time I mainly saw as a boring film.  I also wanted to share that I went to the movies over the weekend and saw that in the next month or so the 1963 film The Birds which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock is being released back on the big screen.  I have never seen the movie but I do know it's my mothers all time favorite movie.  I'm looking forward to taking her and sharing the experience with her. 


  1. I took American Cinema with Dr. Courson too.
    Most of Alfred Hitchcocks movies scared me! After all I was a young child when most of his movies were I remember Tippi Hedren was a young actress in that film..her daughter is actress Melanie Griffith, wife of Antonio Banderas.
    A young Grace Kelly was also one of many young starlets in Hitchcock films. Janet Leigh was the starring female in Psycho...scared the bejeebes out of me! We had a house down the Jersey Shore for summer and I was watching across the street with friends..boy it was hard crossing the street in the dark! An excellent suspense movie is Torn Curtain with Paul Newman and Julie girlfriend and I saw it in Manhattan at the Radio City Music Hall Theatre. We were 2 Jersey girls taking the bus to NYC. Thought we were pretty hip!

  2. "The Birds" was Hitchcock's movie following "Psycho" (1960) and was presented without a musical score. The great Bernard Herrmann had composed the music for "Psycho" made up of only stringed instruments (some of the best movie music ever). He had worked with Hitchcock on many movies but was not used on "The Birds". He composed just one more film score for the "master of suspense"; that was "Marnie" in 1964.