Thursday, December 8, 2011

I agree with Katie in her post about her favorite films that I liked Kung Fu Hustle the best out of the films we watched in class, mostly because I was pleasantly surprised by the humor, amazing choreography and movement, the suspense, and the creativity of the plot in general. Usually, Kung Fu movies would not be my first choice, but I ended up really enjoying this one.

But my favorite assigned viewing has to be Black Narcissus. Of course, the most amazing part to me was the vibrancy of the colors, unlike anything else I have seen in a film. They really caught the viewers eye and added to the enjoyment of the movie. The suspense in the scene where sister Ruth goes insane is also added to with the lighting and the colors, which I really enjoyed. As such an early film using color, I was really surprised by how well it was done and how much I really did enjoy it. Overall, I think this class has taught me the importance of keeping an open mind, because I was pleasantly surprised by so many movies we watched that I would never choose to watch on my own.

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