Monday, December 5, 2011

China Town

I quite enojyed China Town, I felt it had a slow begginning but it picked up pace eventually. I think Jack Nicholson was a great choice of actor for his role as he knows how to conduct himself in many different scenarios. I enjoy the idea of shadowing of Film Noir as it is generally a 'Hollywood crime drama". there are different elements of film noir that we see from the emphasis on cynical attitudes and sexual motivations throughout the film. I enjoy the use of characters features of fully distinguish the mood of each 'personality'. He uses eyes as a window to unveiling the next scene, for example the wide eyed expression on Evelyn Mulways face often sheds light on the mystery that has not yet been uncovered. I enjoy Polanskis use of time jump and it really creates an intense atmosphere for the viewer. You see the great use of time jump when Nicholson puts the clock under the wheel of a suspect. It then jumps to the shattered glass with the time in which the suspect left fixed on the screen. Then Nicholson says 'Jesus he was there all night!' which unravels another mystery.

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