Sunday, September 25, 2011

"I Walked with a Zombie": Scarry?

I found the movie to be incredibly entertaining, and was very different to other horror movies that I have seen, even older ones. When I think of clasic zombie movies, I think of things such as "Night of the Living Dead." The somewhat stereotypical zombies are trying to get us. This was much different though. Though I wouldn't describe it as scary, the whole movie had a very creepy vibe to it. I also though it was interesting on how it explored the culture of voodoo, and how different cultures viewed the existence of zombies. One culture sees Jessica Holland as suffering from a medical condition, while the other sees her to be a zombie.

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  1. All of Val Lewton's movies have a different horror vibe than is typical of the genre work before, during and since then. In class I mentioned the photography and said I would find out who shot the film. Impressive work by J. Roy Hunt who had over 180 credits in a 40 year career as a cinematographer, starting in the early silent era and working until the 1950s. He was camera on "Flying Down to Rio", Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' first musical together in 1933. He is responsible for the great look of such Film Noir classics as "Crossfire" and "The Devil Thumbs a Ride". In 1949 he shot "Mighty Joe Young", an entertaining giant ape movie along the lines of "King Kong". His work on "I Walked With a Zombie" is quite beautiful and is as important as the the great writing, production design and direction in making it one of the best of its kind. He was typical of the type of solid artisan that the studios had under contract at the height of that system.