Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calagari's Mise en Scene

Although I had difficulty keeping up with the movie, from the lack of dialogue and information given to the audience, I find that the Mise en Scene for The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari was very appreciable. It was the actual camera and directing that told the story and made us feel a bit on edge. At this time, keep in mind that the director did not move the camera during a cut, therefore the actors and their surroundings had to be perfectly arranged and planned to make each scene disturbing for the audience. The combination of the camera shots, background sets, and positioning of the actors on stage made the film more unsettling than just a black and white silent movie that would put us to sleep. The image above, my favorite shot, is the result of the use of all three Mise en Scene factors. I mean, everyone has to admit that its just plain creepy.

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