Thursday, November 7, 2013


3-4 pages with citations

Discuss a film genre.  The textbook contains a chapter on genre and deals with several of them specifically.

You may pick a genre that interests you.

Please pick something more specific than “comedy” or “drama.”  Examples – romantic comedy or spy thriller.

You may examine the selected genre from a historical standpoint, standard conventions, motifs, themes and filmmakers who specialized in that particular type of story

Sometimes historical periods are heavy in a certain genre.   Example – film noir is a product of the 40s and 50s.  If you use this approach, discuss possible reasons for this.

You may use, as an example, a film we have viewed in class or as a home assignment.

Please use at least three other films to support the various points of your essay.  These might be movies you have already seen or ones that you view for the purpose of writing this paper.

Several possibilities: musicals, crime, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, westerns, war, teen drama, screwball comedy, slapstick, biblical epic, etc.  There are many more than these.

If you have questions about your subject, please talk to me after class or call me at 813-900-4759.

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