Saturday, May 5, 2012


1)   “Citizen Kane” is one of the most influential films ever made.  Discuss this statement.

2)  What had Orson Welles done in his first 23 years of life to warrant the Hollywood Film Industry offering complete creative control to a first time filmmaker?

3)  Pick an extended scene or sequence from “Citizen Kane” and discuss the storytelling technique by analyzing any combination of its component parts (direction, writing, performance, cinematography, production design, art direction, editing, sound, score, etc.).

EXTRA CREDIT:  Watch Welles’s “Touch of Evil” and write an analysis.

NOTE:  The movie career of Orson Welles was marked by a troubled relationship with mainstream Hollywood.  Aspects of this could be discussed in question #2 and the Extra Credit proposition.

You may submit this in printed form during our last class session or post it to the class blog by that date.  Pictures and clips can be included.

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