Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Hidden Fortress and Battleship Potemkin

I really enjoyed this movie because it had a nice combination of action as well as plenty of comedic relief from the two peasants. I thought that the peasants were very funny and I enjoyed watching them bicker and their overall love/hate relationship. I though that the man who played the general was a very good actor and played his serious role very well. I was unsure about how the princess was portrayed however, she always seemed to be screaming when she spoke and it seemed quite odd to me. However overall it had good acting, a great storyline and a good ending!

I also thought that The Battleship Potemkin was a great silent film and great propaganda film. Although I don't normally enjoy silent films, the music really conveyed the emotions and point of view and I felt it was really powerful. This film is also a great example of using a montage technique.

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